10 Ways to Save Money on Gas

Want to save up to 20% or more on the cost of gas? Follow these 10 simple tips from the Consumer Federation of America. Check Your Air Filter Nearly one in four cars needs an air filter replacement. A clean air filter can improve gas mileage by as much as 10%. Cost Savings: 20 cents […]

7 Savvy Ways to Save at the Pump

Are you going on a road trip any time soon. Have you looked at the price of gas at your neighbourhood pump. With the average price of gas around $3.25 per gallon, getting the best price has become a priority. Here are our top tips on save money at the pump: 1) Drive like a […]

Top 5 Ways To Get Pulled Over by the Cops

It’s easier to get pulled over than you think. All you need to do is commit one of the five violations we’ve listed below. For even faster results, try combining two infractions at once. Many drivers find this very effective. Actually, the real reason for this list is to stop you from being pulled over […]

Top 10 Most Ticketed Cars in the US

That speedy new car might look cool, but there’s a good possibility you’ll earn yourself a ticket with it. According to a recent report, these are the most ticketed cars in the US. For the sake of our speculation, we first have to narrow down what specific “traffic citation” could be the most dependent on […]

How to get the best car loan

Some consumers will spend days making sure they get the lowest price on a vehicle, yet they won’t bother to shop for the best auto loan. If you don’t have financing in place when you visit the dealership to buy, you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to whatever terms the dealer offers, which may have a much […]

5 Traffic Tickets to Raise your Car Insurance

Just the thought of waiting behind the wheel while an officer writes a traffic ticket can trigger a cold sweat. Not only is the experience humiliating, it also can be disastrous for your budget. Along with a fine, you might face a big boost in your car insurance rate. Save on Your Auto Insurance — […]

Seven Signs Your Brakes Need to be Inspected

Most would agree that brakes are the most important feature of your car—but do you know how to detect when there’s a problem with your brakes, or how to do a maintenance check on your brake system? Below are the standard warning signs that something might be wrong with your brakes. If you’re noticing any […]

New Hybrid Car Runs On Air

Hybrid air sounds a bit worrying – just what are they proposing to cut our air with? It’s actually a technology that allows a car to run on compressed air with gasoline back-up for longer journeys and high speeds. Peugeot are about start mass production. Compressed air is a way of storing energy with some […]

Best 2014 Labor Day Car Deals

With Labor Day fast approaching, automakers are offering lots of new car purchase deals, which include zero percent financing deals for five to six years through the holiday weekend. There are a number of cash back deals available as well. Here are some of the best 2014 Labor Day car sales. Chevrolet is offering zero […]

Wyoming officer charged in hot-car death of police dog

A Wyoming police officer has pleaded not guilty to an animal-cruelty charge that alleges a police dog died after he left it in a hot patrol car for several hours. According to an investigator’s statement filed in Natrona County Circuit Court, Mills police officer Zachary Miller left the dog, a 10-year-old female black lab named […]