Warming up your can is a WASTE of GAS

Do you really need to “warm up” your car before driving in the winter?

You may remember starting your car, or “warming up” the car when it was cold outside, so that the engine wouldn’t stall out. But – seriously – those days are long gone.

Unless your car is from the 1980s, there is no reason to wait for your engine to warm up.

Back then, cars had carburetors, which wouldn’t work well in the cold — but the last car to be sold with one was in 1990.

Newer cars have electronic fuel-injection systems, and don’t have problems with cold temperatures.

Letting your car idle in your driveway is identified by environmental groups as a considerable source of climate-change-driving CO2 emissions.

The fact is, driving your car will warm up your engine much faster than idling. You don’t have to wait more than 30 seconds after starting your car to hit the road.

Obviously, if you want the interior to get warm before you get in — that’s another story.

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